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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
  What's in the new IE?
Speculation abounds on what's in and what's out of MS' recently-announced IE7. Tabs? PNG support? CSS 2.0 support? IDN support? An RSS aggregator? Integration with spyware? (See here and here.

Hey MS: as long as it's more secure, I'm going to recommend that users install it. Even if it offers none of the features above. In fact, do this: release IE7 just as a security update, and then add all of the above in easily downloadable (or not, if I don't want them) Feature Packs.

MS should not lose sight of the fact that the reason IE7 is desperately needed today is not because IE6 is missing an RSS aggregator. You know what? I already have Omea Reader, I don't need it in my browser. But what I and the rest of the Internet *do* need above all else is a default browser that isn't riddled with more holes than Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero. Everything else is an interesting extra, well worth the development time, but not worth delaying the release of a secure browser for.
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