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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  MS buys Sybari
Interesting stuff. We use Sybari at work for Exchange and have been considering for SharePoint. It's become a pretty good product after a few hiccups at the outset with Exchange 2000, mostly because of its close integration with the database. That provides speed, at the occasional expense of stability.

It was thanks to Sybari that our troubleshooting steps for anything Exchange/AD related became:

1) Check to make sure DNS is working
2) Check DNS again, just in case
3) Turn of AV to see if that fixes it
4) Did you check DNS? Are you sure you know what you were looking for, and could recognize when something looked awry?

We had a handful of issues with engine updates and AV def updates that led to very high utilization on Exchange servers, but the last one was probably a year ago. All in all, a good product.

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