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Monday, February 14, 2005
  Blackberry Connect in final beta for the Treo 650
I had a Palm back in the I, II and II era. Never used it much. But man, I hear nothing but TiVo-level love from Treo users.

It's been a good couple of weeks: the Treo and the new iPaqs running Blackberry or Good (respectively)... finally, phone, PIM and email all in one, ergonomically efficient device. I've been waiting for that combination for a while.

Don't know whether the Treo will be doing wireless contact or to-do list synchronization. It's one of the things I lost when I first got my 7100, and I really missed it. Just got it back last week after an update. It's hard to really maintain to-do lists when they're not automatically sync-ed, since you want to be able to update them (according to GTD standards) as soon as possible.

Of course, working from home means it didn't affect me *that* much. I'm never more than a minute or two away from updating To-Do lists. Blessing and a curse, obviously... I haven't left the house in a week, which is contributing to a bit of cabin fever. But that's a different post.

I think I would probably (given unlimited choice) go with whichever device allowed me to store the most MP3s with no DRM. However, my Catch-22 is that we have a Blackberry server in-house, not Good; we support the iPaq, but not the Palm. I guess I could probably convince the company that I'd support the Palm myself, but that doesn't mean they'd buy me one.

So anyway, some screenshots of BBerry on Treo on the link below, as long as they last.

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