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Thursday, February 10, 2005
MS AntiSpyware under attack

A Trojan that tries to disable the MS/Giant AntiSpyware beta before installing further crapola. As long as it just installs at first as a regular, reasonably safe-looking and -acting program, *then* disables the AS, and *then* starts installing itself in the startup registry entries and all the other stuff typical spyware does, it should be successful.

It's nothing new, of course: there have been things like viruses that try to disable the A/V detection programs for years. It's all part of the natural evolution/cold war escalation of malware/anti-malware.

You see, Jimmy, when the Internet loves a computer very, very much, it puts a little "seed" called a "malware app" in its tummy. That seed sprouts and grows up in about four milliseconds in the computer's tummy, and then the computer starts sending all of its secret, precious information back to the Internet to show how much it loves it. You know, like credit cards, bank account information, passwords.

And then nine months later, the user realizes that they have a brand new case of identity theft!

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